Holly Springs Deep Dive

LGBTQIA+ in Holly Springs - My New Friend Jack

August 02, 2022 Jack Turnwald/Karen Shore Season 1 Episode 74
Holly Springs Deep Dive
LGBTQIA+ in Holly Springs - My New Friend Jack
Show Notes

Welcome to the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast. I'm gonna be honest, listeners: Holly Springs has been a tale of two towns lately. In one Holly Springs there have been exciting announcements about big new companies building here, skyrocketing property values, and the recent naming of NC by CNBC as the number 1 state for business in 2022

But the other Holly Springs continues to deal with intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, and a seemingly well thought out plan by some of our elected officials and citizens to keep it that way.

Back to that CNBC announcement that NC is the best state in the country for business…we did have one strike against us. It's buried under all of the good things they said about us. Guess what it is…NC ranks in the lower half of our 50 states for life, health and INCLUSION. Sounds like Holly Springs is a microcosm of what's right AND wrong with NC. We need to do better.

To that end, I want to introduce you to someone you might not already know. They're a wonderful, whip-smart, engaged, funny, dedicated, tax-paying, home-owning, family-supporting voter who happens to be non-binary. Now I understand that when people hate, it's usually connected to fear. I want to let this person shine and show you they're nothing to be afraid of. You're REALLY missing out if you exclude the entire group of LGBTQIA+ people from your life. MY life is absolutely richer because of people like this episode's guest.

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