Holly Springs Deep Dive

NC House D37 Candidate Christine Kelly

October 10, 2022 Karen Shore/Christine Kelly Season 1 Episode 76
Holly Springs Deep Dive
NC House D37 Candidate Christine Kelly
Show Notes
Welcome to the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast! It’s election season and you know how much I love talking to candidates so YOU can make a well-informed decision when you cast your ballot. 

This week, I’m releasing interviews with candidates for the North Carolina House. To avoid confusion, I’ll release episodes for each district on different days. This episode features District 37 candidate Christine Kelly. It’s important to know that BOTH candidates were invited to participate in this podcast, but the incumbent, Erin Pare’s campaign, did not respond to my request. You’ll hear from district 36 candidates later this week.

The show notes for today’s episode include all Candidate Kelly’s campaign pages as well as links to her campaign finance reports.

Early voting starts on Thursday Oct. 20 and runs through Sat. Nov. 5. The Hunt Center in Holly Springs is one of the early voting locations. 

The website to check your registration status, find out where your polling place is and view your sample ballot is available at readytovote.com - it’s listed in the show notes. Lines for this race and others were redrawn and you may not be in the same district you were in during the last election. A large swath of Holly Springs is in District 36 now, so please double check.

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Ready to hear from NC House District 37 Candidate Christine Kelly? Let’s dive in.



Christine Kelly's Campaign Website

Christine Kelly's Campaign Facebook Page

Christine Kelly's Campaign Instagram Feed

Christine Kelly's Campaign Twitter Feed

Christine Kelly's Campaign Finance Reports

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