Holly Springs Deep Dive

NC House District 36 Representative Julie von Haefen

October 14, 2022 Karen Shore/Julie von Haefen Season 1 Episode 77
Holly Springs Deep Dive
NC House District 36 Representative Julie von Haefen
Show Notes

Welcome to the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast! It’s election season and this series of episodes is dedicated to helping YOU make a well-informed decision when you cast your ballot.

This week, I’m releasing interviews with candidates for the North Carolina House, District 36 seat. The incumbent is Julie von Haefen, and the challenger is John Harris.

The show notes for each candidate’s episode include all of their campaign pages as well as links to their campaign finance reports. Links to check your registration status, find out where your polling place is and view your sample ballot are included as well.

Early voting starts on Thursday Oct. 20 through Sat. Nov. 5. The Hunt Center in Holly Springs is one of the early voting locations.

This episode is brought to you with the help of my Patreon supporters. Thank you. If you’d like to join the group of citizens who appreciate the type of information I provide, click the Patreon link on my website, hollyspringsdeepdive.com. This podcast is free to listen to, but not free to make.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Representative Julie von Haefen.

Julie von Haefen's Campaign Website
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Julie von Haefen's Campaign Finance Reports


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