Holly Springs Deep Dive

Wake County Board of Education District 5 Candidate Lynn Edmonds

October 21, 2022 Karen Shore/Lynn Edmonds Episode 79
Holly Springs Deep Dive
Wake County Board of Education District 5 Candidate Lynn Edmonds
Show Notes

Welcome to the Holly Springs Deep Dive Podcast! It’s election season and this series of episodes is dedicated to helping YOU make a well-informed decision when you cast your ballot. 

This week, I’m releasing interviews with candidates for the Wake County Board of Education seats in Districts 5 and 8. This episode features District 5 candidate Lynn Edmonds. Ms. Edmonds has three opponents on the ballot, although two of them appear not to be conducting a campaign at all and did not respond to my interview requests. The other candidate who *is* running, Jackie Boegel, did not respond to my requests.

Show notes for this episode include links to campaign websites and social media pages as well as links to campaign finance reports. Links to check your registration status, find out where your polling place is and view your sample ballot are included as well.

Early voting started on Thursday Oct. 20 and runs through Sat. Nov. 5. The Hunt Center in Holly Springs is one of the early voting locations. 

This episode is brought to you with the support of my Patreon supporters. Thank you. If you’d like to join the group of citizens who appreciate the type of information I provide, click the Patreon link on my website hollyspringsdeepdive.com. This podcast is free to listen to, but not free to make. 

Ready to hear from Lynn Edmonds? Let’s dive in!

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Lynn Edmonds' Campaign Website

Lynn Edmonds' Campaign Facebook Page

Lynn Edmonds' Campaign Instagram

Lynn Edmonds' Campaign Twitter Feed

Lynn Edmonds' Campaign Finance Reporting

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